Soundfall: Brite

I’ve gotten the green light to share a little more art from Soundfall!
Here’s the second playable character: meet Brite! Distinct from Melody, Brite comes in at a more punk angle- preferring her beats hit as hard as her shield does. She’ll have a distinctive play style, palette and tone- figuring out her design involved some of the deepest searching of any of the Soundfall designs! We especially went through many many musical-shield designs before settling on an amp-inspired spiked look with a silhouette like a chello. I drew inspiration from cassettes, turntables, speakers and pianos before we got to a design that felt good for gameplay.
The best part? A dream come true: Stella Chu will be cosplaying Brite at PaxWest this weekend!! I can’t wait to see what she comes up with. Erika and I are even planning to be on the floor Saturday if you’re there come by the booth, play the demo!