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Soundfall: Discordian Shooter

After locking down the Discordian’s overall feel, and the design for the basic grunt unit I got the chance to start widening the base of baddies for @soundfallgame. Each was music themed, and the next was a small ranged attacker- I built him around the idea of a violin crossbow that shot musical notes of destructive energy. There’s a lot of fun room to explore the space between instruments and weaponry- strings and projectiles made of music magic help to bridge gaps. The other main challenge in designing units for Soundfall is the top-down perspective- they need bold silhouettes and shapes that are visible and distinct from far away. We decided that large musical note masks played well to the camera angle and were a good opportunity to both visually tie the Discordians together, and help distinguish each unit type from the others.
If you’re digging this look at @soundfallgame come by the booth this weekend at #PAXWest to play the demo!