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Soundfall: Melody

Meet Melody! The protagonist of Soundfall, an upcoming musical indie adventure by Drastic Games. The challenge and joy of doing work for Soundfall was in exploring the theme of music visually in as many ways as we could think up. Long creative conversations sparked new design ideas I couldn’t wait to try out- Melody was one of the first pieces to fall into place. We wanted to combine a sense of story and personality with a sci-fi/fantasy aesthetic that used musical themes and motifs as its key visual cues! Melody’s heartsong fills her headphones and generates the power of her armor as well as her weapon. I’m especially excited about how the Audioblade came together with its stringed-instrument contours and sound-wave energy blade. The Valkyrie wings made of heaphone-generated musical energy were also a fun breakthrough! Hopefully in the final design, the presence of musical energy is felt without being too obvious. Learn more about Soundfall at: